Hard Reboot

As 2018 ramps down, I am refreshing my digital presence. While I haven’t scrapped my Twitter and Instagram, I have cleared most of my writings, YouTube videos, and tutorials from the web. 

Starting in 2012, I slowly stopped the sharing of my personal writings and research. By 2016, my only updates were on Twitter, Instagram, and a Github account (or two).

Before 2019 begins, I want to relaunch the sharing of my personal development, findings, and news. This goes hand-in-hand with my goals to read more, learn more, develop more, write more, and speak more. 

Long story short — I am back. 

Back if you’ve known of me. 
Here if you haven’t. 

I welcome you to join me for the remainder of my journey without spending much time on my past. I’ll craft a little About page later to introduce myself later. 

Welcome to my next iteration. Cheers.

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