Personal Relationships Stoicism

How Stoicism Helped Me Overcome the Pain of a Broken Relationship

I want to share with you a deeply personal story about some struggles I encountered in a past relationship and how Stoicism, mindfulness, and its virtues helped me move past it all. It was an incredibly painful experience, but by embracing the principles of Stoicism, I was able to find peace and grow as a person.


AI Ethics and the Dangers of Autonomous Agents

As AI technology advances at a rapid pace, we’re witnessing a new wave of innovation. The powerful language models GPT-3.5 & GPT-4, and now autonomous agents leveraging them, are revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. However, this progress raises critical ethical questions that need to be addressed. Below, I’ll explore the ethical challenges of AI and the potential dangers of advanced autonomous agents, while discussing solutions to ensure responsible AI development and usage.

AI Beer Brewing GPT

Brewing with GPT: AI-PA

Recently, I asked the gpt-3.5-turbo model to write up a New England Style IPA recipe and brew schedule. An AI IPA. Or AIPA…something like that.

I asked it to use RO water, a Kveik strain, get optimal polyphenol extraction on the hot side, and aim for an SRM of 3 — with some style emulation.

Investigations Security WordPress

Reblog: Fake plugin wave affecting WordPress sites

Bad actors are abusing leaked and compromised credentials to install the fake core-stab plugin and other items on WordPress sites.

Fake plugin wave affecting WordPress sites — Jetpack

Some of my behind-the-scenes work at Automattic was featured in a recent Jetpack & WPScan blog post.

The WPScan version of the post includes a bit more about the malware, indicators, as well as Yara & ModSec rules.

Read more on and

While you’re on, you might find other articles about some of my random work — such as The School Management plugin backdoor disclosure.

Apple Troubleshooting

2018 MacBook Pro GPU Failure?

Today, my MacBook Pro decided it wanted to retire. Thankfully, it seems I worked out a solution until I can get a replacement.

In case others start facing this, I wanted to document my troubleshooting experience here.

If you’re looking to get right to the steps I took to resolve things, jump down to the Workaround section.


VEC Broadband Support Letter

While many of our friends, family, and tenants across Tennessee enjoy high-speed fiber and cable options, folks in Polk County do not. Thankfully, there has been growing interest in improving this. The county commission and some local organizations are actively exploring options.


Hard Reboot

As 2018 ramps down, I am refreshing my digital presence. While I haven’t scrapped my Twitter and Instagram, I have cleared most of my writings, YouTube videos, and tutorials from the web. 

Starting in 2012, I slowly stopped the sharing of my personal writings and research. By 2016, my only updates were on Twitter, Instagram, and a Github account (or two).

Before 2019 begins, I want to relaunch the sharing of my personal development, findings, and news. This goes hand-in-hand with my goals to read more, learn more, develop more, write more, and speak more. 

Long story short — I am back.