About Joshua Goode

Hi, ya’ll! Joshua Goode here.

I’m an East Tennessean, born and raised, with a love for technology, agriculture, education, commerce, and liberty.

The beautiful Polk County, with its reaching mountains and Ocoee River, is my home. Occasionally,  you’ll find me in Chattanooga enjoying the equally beautiful scenery, Hutton & Smith Brewing Co, and the fastest internet in the nation.

A few of the areas I dabble in are web technologies, specialized learning techniques, user support strategies, beer, and political science.

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Work & Education

At the age of 15, I started consulting local organizations with IT and web needs.

Thanks to an excellent mentor, Dewey E., and a supportive network, David G. amongst many, I racked up state and national competition titles in the world of web design, development, and computer science throughout high school.

This led me to the University of Tennessee where I focused on pairing technology with political science. While there, I was appointed to the school’s Technology Fee Advisory Board as a voting member and served on the SGA’s Technology Services Committee. I also joined up with the brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho where I served as Risk Management and Technology Advisor.

Throughout college, I continued IT and web consulting while also expanding into marketing and political campaign strategy.

After UT, I moved on to Claris Networks (acquired by Teklinks which was later acquired by C Spire) as a Systems Administrator, Field Engineer, and eventually Technical Supervisor of Service & Support for their Managed Cloud Services. 

Later, I joined Hutton & Smith Brewing Co. and assisted with brewery operations, packaging, distribution, marketing, expansion, construction, IT, and…well, the list of areas and roles could go on and on. My time at H&S will always hold a place in my heart and I’ll always be grateful for the countless opportunities to learn, grow, and lead alongside some amazing people. Nowadays, I enjoy their meticulously crafted award-winning brews as a friend, fan, and occasional helper.

In 2018, I started engineering happiness for Automattic. I currently work on supporting and enhancing WordPress.comJetpackWooCommerce, and more!

Early Life

My childhood was pretty fun. While I spent nearly all of it living well below the US poverty line — and out of a suitcase — I never really noticed and am grateful for the village that raised me and the love I received from my parents, Grandmother, and some of the best family friends you could wish for.

Growing up, I got to live on whitewater rafting outposts; bathe in rivers and creeks; watch Seinfield on a mini black and white TV powered by a car battery; explore the foothills of the Appalachians alone; chop a lot of firewood; shoot off countless fireworks without harming anyone; spend weekends with my amazing Grandmother; roam freely on my trusty hand-me-down bike; spend stints living on my own in the later years; live with a family friend that slowly became another father to me; and always ate well.

Around the age of 10, I started becoming quite fascinated with computers. While we couldn’t afford one, I actively sought out any opportunity to interact with one. I begged to go to the library, to visit a family friend, to go to the computer store, to visit my uncle, and to spend a night with a friend just so I could tinker on one.

By 12, I finally saved up enough to get a cheap laptop that I could tote around. A laptop was necessary as I rarely stayed in one place for an entire week. During the school year, I’d stay a few days with Dad, a couple with Mom, and weekends with Grandma. While I normally could only access the internet on weekends, I spent countless hours each day tinkering with it, breaking it, and taking it apart. I was curious about both the hardware and software and slowly stumbled into useful bits of knowledge.

This process of tinkering, questioning, and testing things became an addiction and shaped how I think about and approach things.

After a stint of living on my own at 15, I began staying with a family friend who was already what I would consider another father to me. It’s hard to express how grateful I am for him and the opportunities he provided, and still provides, to me. He’s one of the hardest working, funniest, and giving people I know.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll return at some point to keep this bio going.


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