About Joshua Goode

Last updated: January 25th, 2023

Hi, ya’ll. Joshua Goode here.

I’m an East Tennessean, born and raised, with a love for technology, agriculture, education, commerce, and individual liberty.

Some internet folks know me as verygoode, joshuagoode, goodenetwork…the list goes on. I tend to stick to verygoode nowadays, though.

For work, I mostly focus on product, service, and support stuff @ Automattic. During my time there, I’ve typically worked on WordPress.com & Jetpack.com with a bit of WooCommerce and other fun mixed in. As of now, I’m a Senior Technical Lead for Pressable.com. On the side, I still try to keep up with my interests in IT management and production brewing.

For play and homework, I try to tend to my interests in gardening & farming, homebrewing, security, network engineering, PoliSci, astronomy, and woodworking.

For self-improvement, I’ve been working on and studying Stoicism, mindfulness, and time/goal management techniques.

In the past, I’ve dabbled with and won some national web development competitions; helped grow and lead some MSPs; served on the Unversity of Tennessee’s tech advisory board; studied Political Science and advised political campaigns & related software companies; helped build and run a brewery; and, when I was a bit younger, dug myself out of poverty.

If you have some cool ideas or questions that don’t involve MLM, real estate, or selling me or Automattic something — let me know!

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